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1965 Coronet 440
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Thread Review for 1965 Coronet 440 (newest post first)
HemiRob Posted on 5:13 pm on June 13, 2014
For sale is a 1965 Dodge Coronet 440. This fine example boasts an original Hurst-shifted four speed car with a dual quad set up atop the 440 which is presented as a 426. The exterior paint is believed to be the original shade of red, however this and other timeline facts are lost to history as this car is from an estate. The owner had a propensity for detail as demonstrated by the engine bay, interior, trunk and other evidentiary aspects of this car. Thigh-master clutch and brakes, and Armstrong steering certify its horsepower conserving image. Appraised at $26,000 this beauty is being offered at $24,500.
Contact: HemiRob at (414) 627-HEMI (4364); Text, phone, or email.

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