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Thread Review for WNC 2016 (newest post first)
JJ Camaro Posted on 8:44 am on Aug. 18, 2016
I think I may have found a really nice location in Oconomowoc, right off I-94, and an eager restaurant owner who'd love to have you. They have provisions for bands (I'm actually in the house band), great food, and I estimate parking for 150+ cars. I've sent an message through 'contact us' with my phone number, please give me a call. We can bring a group of folks in to preview the location and talk with the owner.


OHEKK Posted on 10:26 pm on June 22, 2016
Gasthaus Closing

Now that The Gasthaus will be closing, the most frequently asked question is:

"Where are you going?"

The short answer: We don't know!

Yes, we were expecting the Gasthaus would close though we did NOT expect the short notice. We were as surprised and disappointed as you.

Anyway, we've received dozens of suggested locations and we are in the process of checking them all out.

We want to get it right so we will take our time and explore all options.

You may hear rumors  that Wednesday Night Classics is moving to this place or that. They are NOT true because as I said, we are still in the process of checking out our options.

When will we make our final decision?

It could be a few weeks or perhaps a few months.

In the meantime, make the best of your summer and get out there and cruise!

Thanks again for your continued support!

OHEKK Posted on 10:07 pm on June 22, 2016
WOW!  What can I say other than myself and the entire WNC crew was flabbergasted, blown away and amazed at the tremendous turnout despite the unpredictable/ rainy weather conditions.

As mentioned earlier, because the forecast was nasty, we cancelled the band and called off the staff for the food & beverage trailer.  Then it looked like there'd be a 3 hour window so I called Freddie Marcus and he was able to get his guys together on short notice to play for us. Thanks Freddie, Bob & Mike!

Cars started arriving as early as 2'clock and it was a steady stream until we were almost completely full by 5:00. That might be a record for us and certainly a testament to the loyalty of our attendees!

Since we arranged for the band ( the cost was not covered by the usual food sales) we passed the hat and asked for donations. Once again you guys came through with your generosity and we covered the cost of the band.

You guys are the BEST!  Thank You

Yes the intermittent rain prompted some to leave however MANY stayed even as the skies opened up and drenched everything.

Some would call you crazy, I say dedicated!

Thank you all for coming, I apologize that the food and beverage trailer was not available, but it seemed everybody made the best of it.

Thanks again, you made it very memorable for our LAST WNC car show at the Gasthaus!

What's Next?

Stay tuned!
OHEKK Posted on 7:47 am on June 22, 2016
Week 5 - June 22

As of this morning, the weather looks like possible rain in the afternoon/ early evening.  However, as we know, that can change at any moment! This IS Wisconsin!.

We will post our decision regarding the food trailer and Band by NOON

Since this is the LAST WNC Car Show at The Gasthaus, many of our loyal fans will be attending RAIN or SHINE.

See ya Later!


Moving forward.

YES, because of the uncertainty of the situation at The Gasthaus, we have been exploring alternative locations for our event.

We understood that we were good through the end of our season. However, like you, we were surprised that the decision to close was so abrupt.

Once again, Thank you ALL for supporting Wednesday Night Classics as we continue to strive to be "The area's BEST cruise destination!"

Stay Tuned

11:48 UPDATE:

NO Band or Food & Beverage trailer due to the weather forecast.

YES This is the LAST WNC show at the Gasthaus.

Many are planning to attend RAIN or SHINE
OHEKK Posted on 9:57 am on June 20, 2016
The Gasthaus will close at the end of the week

Wednesday Night Classics Car Show to relocate?

Wednesday Night Classics weekly car show is uncertain about their future.

 Upon hearing that the iconic Weissgerber's Gasthaus will close, we are obviously disappointed. We knew a decision was forthcoming though we didn't expect the closing to be so abrupt. Our final show at the Gasthaus will be Wednesday, June 22.

The area's BEST cruise destination

Wednesday Night Classics is a weekly gathering of car enthusiasts dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of Classics, Rods, Customs and Vintage Muscle Cars. What started out as a gathering of a few friends 16 years ago, has grown into a popular event that now attracts thousands of cars and people all summer long.

Where to go?

We are exploring possible locations. Our new host will need a location in Waukesha County with a convenient access to I 94, a parking lot to hold 200+ show cars, spectator parking and of course great food and LIVE music.

We will miss the hospitality of The Weissgerber's Gasthaus as they were a very generous host.

Hans Weissgerber: "we are still not sure if the Gasthaus will be sold or not."

Stay tuned
OHEKK Posted on 10:02 pm on June 15, 2016
WEEK #4 June 15

The afternoon started out 85 & muggy. An occasional cloud and a steady breeze added a bit of relief from the heat.

The lot was almost full with a few cars parked on the grass.

The Note Benders played and The Gasthaus staff served up the usual GREAT eats!

The Rueben sandwich received rave reviews!

once again we were blessed that the stormy weather veered to the north and south leaving us with exquisite weather to end the evening. The temps dropped followed by a glorious sunset.

Those who stayed home or left early missed a GREAT evening!

See ya next week!
OHEKK Posted on 6:39 am on June 9, 2016
WEEK 3 June 8

Spectacular weather almost guarantees an overwhelming turnout!

The skies were sunny and clear with no threats of rain. A nice breeze and cool air moved in as the sun went down.

HIGBEE HIGBEE was the scheduled band but they weren't all available so Freddie Marcus and his band Vos Locos filled in on short notice.

As usual, lots of nice cars & nice people!

A stunning sage green 56 Thunderbird, first time at our event, was the Feature Car.

The lower lot and grassy knoll were both filled and surrounding lots provided overflow parking.

A good time was had by all.
OHEKK Posted on 5:00 am on June 2, 2016
Week 2, June 1 turned out fabulous!

The afternoon weather was beautiful and though rain was possible, we decided to go on with the show.

The Fuzznuckle Blues Band provided the entertainment, the food & beverage trailer served GREAT eats and cold beverages and a good time was had by ALL.

Attendance was good with the lot nearly full and only a few cars on the grassy knoll.

It was nice to see everybody again and catch up with how you spent the off season.

Not surprisingly, several fresh builds debuted and they look spectacular!

Around 6-ish, several cars departed as dark clouds approached and with reports of rain to the north, south and west.

Miraculously, the clouds parted, the sky cleared and Mother Nature provided a rainbow over our event.

All in all, it was a GREAT evening with nice cars and nice people!

Thank you!
OHEKK Posted on 4:35 am on June 2, 2016

May 25, our FIRST night of the 2016 season was a bit of a disappointment. We had to cancel the band and the food & beverage trailer due to rain forecast for late afternoon.

About 15-20 cars arrived but sure enough, the rain came at 5:30 and chased everybody home.


NOTE: As a courtesy to the WNC attendees:

- Greg and I monitor several weather sources all morning.

- By NOON, we decide if we need to cancel the Band and notify the Gasthaus staff.  

- I will make a notice on the WNC calendar.

As you know, Wisconsin weather can change at any minute.

Thank you for understanding.


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