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Thread Review for Car Show suggestions (newest post first)
OHEKK Posted on 7:10 am on Aug. 29, 2017
From the Mailbox:

"What's really needed is a map view of all the car meets.

Don't know if that would be possible, but it would be easier to find an event close to the location people are willing to travel to.

Might get more people out to events."

Something like this:

OHEKK Posted on 6:40 am on Aug. 29, 2017
From the mailbox:

"Here's a suggestion  to help car owners:

How about a feedback system so you can tell people about what you enjoyed and what you didn't at car shows?

Also how about a generic format?

- what time the show starts?
- rain or shine?
- trophies classes?
- Dash plaques instead of generic?

$10 and here's the address leaves a lot to be desired when you are trying to decide where to show your car

The reason I write this is that I went to a car show, supposedly won an award, and it's been a month since the show and still haven't gotten the award. No one got awards that they were were promised to be sent. That type of show should be flagged and people should know to avoid."
mastercharger Posted on 4:58 pm on Oct. 12, 2016
i agree totally with this   start by writing to the organizers
OHEKK Posted on 8:30 am on June 9, 2016
From the mailbox:

"Car shows in general and classes that are Judged, I would like to voice my concern over putting smog era cars up against High Performance Motors of the seventies early eighties.

Can you show organizers show the due respect for the cars of the mid seventies to late eighties cars for what they are rather than put them up against newer hemis and Cobra Jets?

How about offering husband and wife class for their cars also get more women involved with this activity? "

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