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Thread Review for 2016 and 2015 Car Cruise Videos Combined (newest post first)
T Bird Mike Posted on 9:42 pm on Dec. 6, 2016
Here are links to my 2016 and 2015 car cruise videos. †I put them all in one place for convenience. †Enjoy watching them over the winter:

1956 T-Bird and 1957 Chevy Cruise 11/6/16!AmXAIvO0loeRgdYoyHXq5wzyKQ_jRg

Viper Cruise 10/23/16!AmXAIvO0loeRgdYiQFjEqZwWdOH8KQ

Ford GT Compilation 9/18/16!AmXAIvO0loeRx1mC1cJZQ_MbPe3y

Rochester to East Troy 9/17/16!AmXAIvO0loeRx1dfd4TRApUulZDc

Test Cruise 9/5/16!AmXAIvO0loeRx1Lg-DdAq-efqxwM

Compilation of 4 Cruises 8/21/16!AmXAIvO0loeRx049S_3eQgisDHQr

Albion Cruise Night 6/8/16!9069&authkey=!AK7Lk6kEjuk2rfo&ithint=video%2cmp4

Cruise to Gus's 5/21/16!9068&authkey=!AFIet0CAb_KKR98&ithint=video%2cmp4

Cars and Coffee Cruise 5/15/16!9067&authkey=!AL4lJMPUJdU9Tm0&ithint=video%2cmp4

Cars and Coffee Cruise 4/17/16!9062&authkey=!ACgwsdhdd5aV6II&ithint=video%2cmp4

For the following, try the second link if the first one does not work:

Cruising to Gusís with 2014 Corvette 11/3/15!AmXAIvO0loeRmjjG8cGpekkc5IGF

Cruising to Gusís with 2014 Corvette 10/7/15!AmXAIvO0loeRmi9ws8VypnEqi29V

Cruise on a Hilly and Curvy Country Road 9/30/15 † †!AmXAIvO0loeRmWEqeFllY2h98ri7

Cruising in Lake Country 9/27/15!AmXAIvO0loeRmV0rcHbAbY3P61fM

(Edited by T Bird Mike at 2:54 pm on Feb. 20, 2017)

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