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-- Posted by mastercharger on 11:21 am on Oct. 12, 2016

Has anyone noticed the variances between one car show to another?  I am a little reluctant to go to 300 plus car shows and have   so little awards handed out and so few dash plaques.  I cant understand how have this many cars and a limited 50 dash plaques(just a example)   is acceptable.  If organizers want to continue to collect revenue for each car ,than they must provide dash plaques and a reasonable number of awards for the participants.  I think somehow they believe that we only come to socialize and spend money for their charity.    When I bring my cars there is obviously a cost associated with this and believe it or not we car owners are the reason for the attendance draws.   So why not be fair to us?  I have begun sending emails to show organizers with a feedback of what I liked and disliked and what could be improved.  Anyone with a late 70's smog car  get put into the seventies muscle car category?  Who would vote for those later year cars ....why very few  yet they get my donation upon entering parking area.  Please send email to organizers.   wnc has a great post for doing this as most organizers leave their email address for us to contact them.     Don't be silent ...
thanks for reading.   I have written to many organizers and have gotten positive responses from them.

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