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-- Posted by OHEKK on 9:14 am on May 27, 2017

Wednesday Night Classics
Dedicated to Classics, Rods, Customs & Vintage Muscle Cars

 It was the summer of 2001 when a handful of guys decided to gather at Pistol Pete’s in Brookfield. It soon became the area’s favorite cruise location and after 9 years, we outgrew the space.

 We were most fortunate that Weissgerber’s Gasthaus hosted our event for the next 6 years however the restaurant closed and the property sold just as our 2016 season was getting started.

It was an uncertain period as we sought a NEW Host / Location.

Thankfully, the folks at the newly opened Point Burger Bar agreed to host our event.

             Wednesday Night Classics is not a “Club”

 Wednesday Night Classics is a weekly gathering of car enthusiasts dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of Classics, Rods, Customs and Vintage Muscle cars. Our success comes from you and others who bring their cars for all to see.

As always, our Team of dedicated volunteers strives to maintain our reputation as:

                               “The Area’s BEST Cruise Destination”

-Treat each other and the cars with RESPECT
-Park between the lines ( One car per space )
-NO saving spots after 5:30
-NO Carry-ins ( Violations put our Host’s liquor license at risk! )
-NO Burnouts  ( Violators will not be allowed to return )
-Spectators welcome  -  Sorry – NO Pets  

Thank you for attending and thanks again for your continued support.

-- Posted by OHEKK on 9:28 am on June 1, 2017

WEEK #2 - GREAT Turnout! 250+

REMINDER: Wednesday Night Classics is dedicated to Classics, Rods, Customs and Vintage Muscle Cars.

WNC is NOT the place for "Ricers/Tuners", Monster trucks, Mud Trucks, Motorcycles or anything that just happens to be old or NEW

Thank you for understanding.

-- Posted by OHEKK on 8:42 am on June 8, 2017

 WEEK #3 - Fabulous weather = Fabulous turnout! Attendance has surpassed our expectations. 300+ Cars and lots of spectators.

Thank you for bringing out the awesome cars...

and THANKS to the WNC Volunteers for making it go smoothly.

I hope you enjoy the Food & beverages from Point Burger Bar.

-- Posted by OHEKK on 8:54 am on June 8, 2017


Some have asked why there's no LIVE music at Wednesday Night Classics?

Several reasons ( in no particular order )

- Cost of the band
- Cost of a weekly outside entertainment permit & FEE
- Cost of a weekly electrical permit FEE
- Cost of a weekly Electrical Inspection FEE
- Cost of a stage
- Cost of staff to setup and take down stage
- Stage location?
- Stage = Lost parking spaces
- Scheduling of the bands ( weather dependent )

- MOST attendees feel the music is too loud and detracts from the event.

NOTE: Food & beverage prices would have to be increased to cover the addl. costs.

Bottom line, we didn't feel the cost justified the benefit.

Thanks for understanding.

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