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Member Since: Jan. 22, 2003
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Location: Milwaukee-ish
Biography & Interests:
Daddy was a barnstormer and my mother was the last surviving wing-walker for the 'Wings over America' thrill show.  She started her career at the tender age of 15. Mama did the second show after my Aunt Rose plummeted to her death in the first.
I spent my childhood trailing after Mama, and Mama trailing after any man that smiled at her. But she saw to it that I had, not only shoes, but dance lessons.
When mama married a trapeze artist in the Ringling Bros. circus, we finally settled down to a normal life - 25 towns in N. America every summer & winters in Rangoon.
My step-daddy was nice enough, until I was 13, and then he was a wayyy too nice!
The last time I saw him was when my Uncle Dom dropped him into the center ring at the Toledo big top.
Mama decided we should see the rest of the world for awhile (she said it was too hot in Toledo).
It was in autumn of that year, in Spain, where I met my first love, a bullfighter named Carlos.  He was much older, 18 I think, and he made me a woman.  I was heartbroken when Mama took me back home to the States.  I never saw Carlos again, but he wrote me two letters, in Spanish. I could not read them.
Well, it seems show-biz is in my blood.  By the time I was 17 I was on the North American tour as a rodeo clown and trick rider.
One fateful day  changed the direction of my career. Running late for clown duty, I climbed into my barrel in nothing but my dainties.  Our biggest bull, Diablo, disposed of his young cowboy and turned back to charge at him.  I rolled between them & Diablo broke my barrel clean off me.  The crowd went wild! - and I had found my calling.
I became a fan dancer on the vaudeville circuit and I never looked back.

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