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Event Manager - IP

Posted at
12:45 am on June 2, 2015
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Wednesday Night Classics 2015
Congratulations!   Our opening night was a success!

Great Weather = Great turnout!

Thank you ALL for coming.

This is the 15th year of our little gathering of "Nice Cars - Nice People"

The Weissgerber's Gasthaus hosts our event and will continue to provide Great food, Cold beverages, Live music and a relaxing environment to show our cars and socialize.

Please be sure to thank Hans, Greg and the staff for their hospitality.


PARKING - NO SAVING SPOTS after we start to fill up. BOTTOM LINE: We don't want to turn somebody away.
Exception: If a Club pre-arranges to save spots (until 5:30-ish )

FEATURE CARS - We'll try to schedule feature cars a week or two in advance - Please nominate your favorite!

NO CARRY-INs - As a courtesy to our host

NO Dogs allowed

KIDS on bikes, skateboards etc. will be asked to walk


NO BURNOUTS - Violators will NOT be welcome back. Help spread the word!


- We can always use more volunteers
- Arrive when you can - Help when you can - Leave when you must


Mark your calendars:

Sunday Sept 27, 2015
The Golden Mast Restaurant
Okauchee, WI

Stay tuned for more info

End of the Season Cruise - Rather than one BIG cruise, Clubs and smaller groups will be encouraged to organize their own cruise to the Golden Mast.          

KUDOS to ALL for your dedication and commitment to making Wednesday Night Classics "The Best Cruise destination in the area!"
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