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Event Manager - IP

Posted at
10:20 am on Mar. 30, 2017
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Hartland Service
From the mailbox

From Mike Kusch, Hartland Service, Inc.

"I would like to open my shop to car clubs that would like to sponsor spring safety checks for their member vehicles. This could even become one of their monthly meetings / events during the summer or fall.

The events could be held on weekends or even during the week.

I would allow car owners, that belong to that club, to bring their car to the shop, put it up on a rack and inspect / adjust / change oil, etc.

They can bring their own parts to use.  

I have several "low profile" hoists that would allow cars that are lowered to get raised in the air.

I Would like to continue the tradition my dad started on 58th and North Ave, at Kusch's garage and help take care of these member's cars.

Thanks for getting the word out.

More guidelines will sure to follow as this event gains steam!"

Mike Kusch, Hartland Service, Inc.
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